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About Justin Nielsen

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Justin Nielsen founder of Four Directions Healing Arts developed this system of training based on his history and passion for Western exercise, Eastern Healing Arts and Native American Ceremonies.  In 1998 Justin sustained a serious sports injury which led him to explore a path of self-healing and to becoming a health and fitness professional. Justin has been a fitness professional since 2000 working in health clubs and fitness studios, providing wellness programs for people of all ages. Justin has also been traveling teaching workshops, attending Native American Ceremonies and festival gatherings sharing the healing arts of longevity and health.   

Working with a wide range of goals from holistic health, proformance, fat loss and muscle gain.To chronic pain relief, and healing injuries, Justin uses functional patterns realistic to everyday life to improve your performance quality and technique.

Justin is a Certified Personal Trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and has a great deal of respect for their approach to personal training and program design, which improves posture and alignment, corrects muscle imbalances by strengthening the body with an internal and external approach, and progresses to more complex styles of training. He is also held certifications with C.H.E.K Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coach (HLC),Training For Warriors, International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA), TRX - Group Suspension Training , Apex Fitness Group and Dot Fit.


In 2002 Justin was in an auto accident, reinjuring his body. He spent the next two years doing physical therapy and other western medicine and was not seeing the result through this type of training.

For Justin, this meant further study and as a result a new way of life emerged. He started training in the Chinese Healing Arts of Internal Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Still Meditation and Native American Ceremonies including Sweat Lodges (Inipi), Vision Quests (Hanblecheya), The Spirit dance and Sun dance.



Western Certifications 

Training For Warriors - Certified Coach - (TFW) L1& L2

C.H.E.K. Institute - Holistic Lifestyle Coach - (HLC) 

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - (CPT)

TRX - Group Suspension Training Course - (GSTC) 

International Fitness Professionals Association- (IFPA)




In 2005 Justin started studying Qi (Chi) Gong under Grandmaster Zhong Wei Fu of Emei Mountain. Justin completed level 1 & 2 in the healing system of Emei Mountain. 


 In 2006 Justin moved to Colorado and lived with a Wudang Taoist monk. Justin trained 6 days a week where he studied with 2 Wudang Taoist Masters, in the Internal Healing Arts of Wudang Mountain.

Justin has trained extensively with both masters in Taoist Philosophy, Internal Alchemy, Taoist Yoga, Still Meditation, Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Hard Qi Gong, Soft Qi Gong, Sword and Staff. Justin is a Wudang 26 Generation Long Man lineage holder disciple and student of Master Yun Xiang Tseng.    




Emei Qi Gong Level 1 & 2

Emei 90 day seasonal practice called Changing The Moving Program Of Life

Buddhist & Taoist philosophy 

Still meditation 

Wuji Gong 

Healing sounds for internal organs 

Universal mantras chanting 

Mala beads chanting


External chi healing 



 Wu Dang Mountain Internal Arts

Wudang Internal Alchemy Training 90 day seasonal practice called Immortality Training. 

Taoist philosophy 

Still mediation (Stillness) 

Taoist Yoga 

Hard Qigong 

Kung Fu

Soft Qi Gong 

Tai Chi




Wudang Kung Fu

Ji Ben Quan (basic form)

Fu Hu Quan (taming tiger form)

Ba Ji Quan (8 extreme form)  

Xuan Zheng Quan (mystical truth form)


Qi Gong (Chi Gong )

Hard Qi Gong

Wudang 5 Animal Qi Gong

Wudang Shen Dian Qi Gong

Wu Dang Han Yuan (Primordial) Qi Gong

18 Movements Tai Chi / Qi Gong Part 1

18 Movements Tai Chi/ Qi Gong  Part 2

8 Pieces of Brocade


Tai Chi  (Third generation Wudang Tai Chi forms simplified form the 108 movements)

Wudang Immortality Tai Chi  

Wudang 28 Movements 

Wudang 52 Movements 


Sword & Staff

Wudang Dan Sword

Wudang San Feng Taiji Sword 

Wudang Xuan Men Sword (Taoist Sword)

Wudang Ba Xian Gun (8 Immortal Staff)




In 2004 Justin was introduced to a Native American Lakota Sundance Chief. Justin attended 22 Native American Ceremonies and danced 10 times with Kam NightChase. Including Sweat Lodges (Inipi), Vision Quests (Hanblecheya), The Spirit Dance, Sun Dance and is a Fire Keeper . In 2008 Justin competed a 4 year commitment to Spirit Dancing ,and in 2012 competed a 4 year commitment to Sun Dancing. Before each dance Justin would  partake in a 90 day purification practice. One of which is a fast in nature for a series of days with no food or water this is a purification ceremony to dance called Hanblecheya or a Vision Quest.

In 2006 and 2007 Justin was invited to the High Horse Sundance in Wanblee, South Dakota with Kam


Justin also studied 2 Years of the Yang Long Form Tai Chi  with Kam.



Spirit Dance 2004-2008

Sun Dance 2009-2012

Spirit Dance December 2012- Mexico

Spirit Dance 2014- Mexico 

Spirit Dance 2014- KS

Spirit Dance 2016 - Mexico 




Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, New Mexico, South Dakota,Texas, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, Mexico-Sonora,Yucatan,Quintana Roo,Compeche France-Paris,Toulouse, Spain- Barcelona, Purenees Mt., Puerto Rico-San Jaun, Jamaica-Montego Bay, Holland-Amsterdam, Burning Man,NV, The Bounce Festival,CA.