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Healing From Within

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Posted on 5/3/2012

Hello there my name is Justin Nielsen and welcome to Four Directions Healing Arts. Four Directions Healing Arts is a type of personal training that looks at the body as a whole system internally and externally. Its been my personal journey to heal my body since 1998 when I suffered a serious sports injury that injured my spine. Then in 2002 I was in a car accident t-boned by a drunk driver. I became a personal trainer in 2000 and was having great results in healing my body and helping others with achieving there personal goals.

After the car accident and re-injurying my spine I went to doctors that just wanted to give me pain killers. I went to physical therapists,chiropractors, pilates, yoga and worked with other personal trainers, all with very little result. I was at a loss of what to do and was just dealing with the pain and getting addicted to pain killers. Two years later one of my clients invited me to a sweat lodge, a Native American ceremony that is a purification and healing ceremony. This was one of my first experience to meditation and stillness taking a look at my body from the inside. Every thing I was doing up to this point was putting more stress on an already stressed out body. After that sweat lodge it was the first good night sleep I had in years so I started doing sweat lodges about once a month. The interesting thing was I started working on getting my mind and heart in a better place and started getting committed and very passionate about this way of life.

Around the same time I started studying the Chinese Internal healing arts, a type of energy building exercise (Qi Gong), with a focus on cultivating your energy and working on strengthening your life force. Internally I was building my energy to improve the quality of my life healing the body from the inside out. I started practicing Qi Gong and Still Meditation on a regular bases and knew that this was what I was searching for and started the healing process.

I went and lived with a monk from WuDang Mountain for one year and we trained 6 times a week some times 4 to 6 hours a day where he taught me the internal healing arts of Qi Gong,Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Sword and Still Meditation. This whole time my main focus was to heal my body but it became so much more than that, I started developing my spirit and healing my heart. This was the begining of my spiritual journey. I became heavily involved in the Native American Ceremonies doing sweat lodges regularly and doing a yearly vision quest. Then I started dancing in the Spirit Dance a modern version of the old Ghost Dance and later a progressed into dancing in the Sun Dance. Through this process I've healed my body and developed a unique style of training, working with people, to help them achieve there personal goals from all directions.