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36 Benefits of Practicing Qi Gong (Chi Gong)

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Posted on 3/22/2013



36 Benefits of Practicing Qi Gong 

1.Loosens Muscles                 19.Relieves Bronchitis

2.Builds Power                         20.Builds Immune System

3.Strengthens Organs             21.Relieves Migraines

4.Slows Respiration                22.Decreases Stroke Rate

5.Strengthens Nerves             23.Improves Skin Elasticity

6.Builds Bone Density             24.Improves Posture

7.Prevents Joint Injures           25.Improves Flexibility

8.Strengthens Ligaments        26.Increases Balance

9.Destroys Free Radicals        27.Improves Memory

10.Aides in Digestiony             28.Increases Injury Recover

11.Decreases Stress                29.Improves Kidney Function

12.Balances Emotions             30.Improves The Quality of Life

13.Improves Circulation           31.Prevents Muscular Spasms

14.Improves Sleep                    32.Relaxes the Mind

15.Reduces Pain                       33.Helps Release Toxins

16.Lowers Heart Rate               34.Opens Meridian Channels

17.Lowers Blood Pressure       35.Strengthens Dan Tiens

18.Improves Asthma                  36.Brings Body, Mind and Spirit Together as One.