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Teaching of the Face

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Posted on 6/11/2012


Honoring Your Beauty From Within

There are 5 main elements of ones face that help to connect one to their inner most beauty.
First is the face, which actually has two sides. The outer shell of the body is where your ego is reflected.  Your inner shell is your spirit or your higher self.
Second is the nose.  The nose is the center of your face and houses the breath, which connects body and spirit as one. This is known as the breath of life. 
Third are the eyes.  Our eyes are how we view the world around us. Our eyes can bring or reflect love, joy, peace or their opposites. It is said to see the world through the eyes of a child in all its innocence is truly a blessing from within.
Fourth is the mouth.  This is one of our main channels for communicating with others.  The words we speak are a reflection of us as a person.  To speak words of kindness and love, to and about, others is using your gift of speech in its highest form.  It is also the most challenging for us to do.  Negativity such as gossiping, power struggles, and using words harmfully can create a ripple effect through the reflection of our words.
Fifth and finally are our ears.  This is how we listen and hear our world, not just the sounds around us.  Listen to that little voice within.
This was a teaching that was shared with me about the face.   May you find harmony in your journey and honor your beauty from within.