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Tai Chi /Qi Gong 18 Movements Notes

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Posted on 7/30/2014

 18 Movements notes part1



Visualization: Imagine your self rising and falling like water from a fountain. Arms movement should be continuous and flowing like a wave.

Benefits: The rise and fall of the body helps activate the flow of genuine Qi, unblock the jingluo passages and regulate Qi and blood. Good for high blood pressure, heart disease and hepatitis. Calms the mind, sedates excess liver fire.


Open Chest Wide

(Visualization: Imagine yourself standing on the top of a high mountain and looking far into the distance with and easy mind.

Benefits: Good for pulmonary and heart disease, shortness of breath, chest distress, neurasthenia, neurosis and depression. Strengthens the lungs and heart.


Bend Arm Overhead like a Rainbow

Visualization: Imagine yourself flying into the air like a colorful rainbow, or moving your arms through the arc of a rainbow. Imagine that you are flying into a rainbow.

Benefits: This form helps take off fat from the midsection and is good for backache and kidney disease. Strengthens stomach and digestion, strengthens the heart and resistance to disease.


Swing Arms and Disperse Clouds

Visualization: Imagine yourself floating in the air and trying to disperse the clouds with your arms. Let the sun come out from behind the clouds and into you. Feel happiness.

Benefits: This form helps cultivate genuine Qi and build up strength in the waist and legs, and is good for preventing heart disease, shortness of breath and peri-arthritis of the shoulder. Benefits the heart and lungs, clears the head and awakens the brain.



 Rowing on a Lake

Visualization: Imagine that you enjoy yourself rowing a small boat on the placid surface of a beautiful lake in the springtime. Feel the water on your hands as they pull down and back.

Benefits: Helps improve digestive system function, is good for gastrointestinal ailments, heart disease and neurasthenia, excellent for kidney and bladder function, combats the effects of stress.


Whirl Arms on Horse-ride Stance

Visualization: Imagine yourself enjoying the sight of the rise and fall of the sea on a beautiful beach.

Benefits: Good for inflammation in the shoulder, elbow or wrist joints, also good for asthma, tracheitis and kidney disease. Helps relieve temporal headaches, migraine and pain in the eyes. Calms the liver and gall bladder.


Hold up a Ball in Front of Shoulder

Visualization: Imagine your self reaching into the water and lifting the moon and putting it up into the sky.

Benefits: This form increases confidence, uplifts spirits, strengthens your body’s ability to hold your organs and other soft structures in place, tonifies the spleen channel. Helps prevent prolapsed internal organs, structures and varicose veins, gives a greater sense of presence


Turn Body and Look up at the Moon

Visualization: Imagine yourself admiring a bright, full moon on a clear mid- autumn night.

Benefits: This movement helps strengthen the spleen, strengthen and nourish the kidneys, is good for backaches and lumbar muscle strain, and can reduce fat from your body. It has a similar effect to Hold Up Ball at Shoulder Level.



Extend Arms and Thrust Fists

Visualization: You should feel like a martial artist working out to toughen his body. Be internally strong as if you were making a hole through a wall, as if your qi could punch miles away guided by your fists. Punch through Jello.

Benefits: Adds to your internal strength, helps cultivate primordial qi, and increase vital capacity, is good for lungs, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenia, headaches and neurosis. Aids digestion, regulates bowel movements, helps build resistance to cold and hot weather, wind and other external influences. Makes the body stronger.


Turn Body and Push Palm

Visualization: Imagine that you are absorbing genuine qi from the environment to add to your internal strength and build up health.

Benefits: Helps strengthen the spleen, nourish the kidneys and tone up the lumbar muscles, and is effective for treating lumbar muscle strain and pains in the lower back and legs. Aids digestion and regulates bowel movements, helps build resistance to cold and hot weather, wind and other external influences.


 Wave Hands on Horse Stance

Visualization: Use your mind to direct your movements so as to integrate mental and physical training.

Benefits: This form is good for neurasthenia, neurosis, gastrointestinal disorders and poor digestion. It also helps enliven the brain and improve memory. Cleanses the eyes and calms the mind.


 Scoop water from the Sea and Look up at the Sky

Visualization: Imagine yourself looking up at the sky in high spirits after making a good haul of fish from the sea. Pick up the moon from the water and lift it into the sky.

Benefits: Helps strengthen the kidneys and spleen and develop strength in the limbs and waist. Strengthens the heart and lungs and reduces depression.


The Pigeon Spreads Its Wings

Visualization: Imagine yourself to be a dove spreading its wings and breathing in fresh air to its heart’s content. Feel free, thinking happy thoughts, feeling joy. Visualize qi spreading and contracting between the hands.

Benefits: Effective for curing chest distress, pulmonary and heart diseases and neurasthenia. Helps reduce depression. Good for clearing blockages of liver qi, chest, lung, heart disease, and nourishment problems.



Move back and forth like waves

Visualization: Imagine yourself rocking comfortably to and fro like rolling waves. Push the waves three miles away.

Benefits: Good for hepatitis, pulmonary disease, inter-costal neuralgia, neurasthenia and insomnia. Excellent for kidney and bladder function, transforms or expels tension and anxiety, gives the ability to manifest your will and stand your ground. Good for liver, spleen, lung disease and nourishment problems, good for sleep.


The Wild Goose Flies In The Air

Visualization: Imagine yourself sailing freely in the sky like a wild goose.

Benefits: Helps remove mental strain and is good for vertigo, fullness of head, headaches, nourishment and chronic disorders in the nervous system. Helps reduce depression and feelings of isolation. Strengthens the legs.


Circle Arms Like Flywheels

Visualization: Imagine yourself to be a large windmill turning slowly and rhythmically in a gentle morning breeze.

Benefits: Stimulates the flow of qi and blood, enlivens one’s spirits and is good for arthritis and obesity. Improves vitality by stimulating the elimination of waste products. Strengthens the legs, is good for arthritis, weight loss, and qi and blood circulation.


 Mark Time and Bounce the Ball

Visualization: Imagine yourself as playful as a child.

Benefits: Helps remove fatigue and restore physical strength, and is good for neurasthenia, insomnia and numbness in the limbs. Helps to harmonize the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Decreases stress and is good for arthritis.


Press Palms to Calm Down

Visualization: Calm down as you wind up the whole exercise.

Benefits: This form produces a tranquilizing effect and is good for high blood pressure, heart disease and gastrointestinal ailments. Calms the mind and integrates all the benefits of the previous exercises