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18 Movements Tai Chi/Qi Gong Part 1 & 2

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Posted on 10/7/2014


18 Movements Part 1 



 2.Open chest wide

 3.Swing arms and dispersed clouds

 4.Bend arms overhead like a rainbow

 5.Rowing on the lake

 6.Hold up the ball in front of the shoulder

 7.Turn body and look up at the moon

 8.Scoop water from the sea and look up at the sky

 9.The pigeon spreads its wings

 10.Move Back-and-forth like waves

 11.Extend arms and thrust fists

 12.Turn body and push palm

 13.Whirl arms on horse ride stance 

 14.Wave hands on horse stance

 15.The Wildgoose flies in the air

 16.Circle arms like flywheels

 17.Mark time and bounce the ball

 18.Press palms to calm down


18 Movements Part 2


 1.Regulating breath

 2.Small circulations(Prayer hands)

 3.Wind blows the Willow branch

 4.Search for the needle on the bottom of the sea

 5.Fisherman throws the net

 6.Immortal points to the road

 7.Spunky boy

 8.Fairy crane bows to the moon

 9.Yellow Dragon stands the claws

 10.Draw bow to shoot vulture

 11.Double Dragon goes to the sea

 12.Blue waves ripple in the ocean

 13.Lion plays with the ball

 14.Hold the moon in your chest

 15.Phoenix spreads its wings

 16.Attack ears with this fists 

 17.Move qi on Dantien 

 18.Press palms to calm down