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Shen Dien Qi Gong

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Posted on 10/30/2014





Shen Dien  Qi Gong is the basic beginner form of Qi Gong or energy training. These simple exercises strengthen the physical body, open the twelve energy meridians and clear emotions.  Classes cover an introduction to Qi Gong theory, health benefits of Qi Gong and internal Qi movement.  Learn to coordinate breath, movement and mind.  This powerful set of exercises cleanses, restores health to each of the major organs, reverses aging, improves the immune system, and increases intuitive abilities.


For five thousand years, Chinese have used Qi Gong exercises to promote health and peace of mind. Shen refers to “mystical spirit” and Dian to “electricity”. Shen Dian Qi Gong movements are based on Yin/Yang, five element and meridian theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine.