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Getting Your Mind and Heart Right

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Posted on 6/16/2012



Getting Your Mind and Heart Right

I recently listened to a underground wellness podcast ( )  by Todd Durkin that was extremely inspiring to me.  It was about eliminating head trash to get your mind and heart in the right place to get committed and passionate about what you do.


Hear are 6 tips to get your mind and heart right. 


1. Avoid negative self talk 

Negative thoughts should not guide your decision making process, you don't want to live from a state of negativity.  Most people live in a negative world and are guided by why they can’t do some thing. Live in a world where anything is possible.  Plant a seed of happiness in your heart first and don't give in to negativity, when you feel down find one seed of happiness, it will protect you with its life.



2. Have a positive attitude 

Positivity is everything!  Make a goal to grow 1% better every day. 

Write down the 5 most important things you need to do each day in order to grow 1% every day.  Typically we do the things we like to do and not the things that will help us to grow.  Healing comes from a change of heart and compassion.


3.  Conquer your fear(Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real)

Conquer your fear, make the jump and take action.   Jump in and face the things your scared of.  It’s really easy in today’s economy to live in fear, there are so many things holding us back from living our absolute best.  The things you don't like to do are probably the things you need to do more of.  Fear is a poison that will contaminate your mind set, saying yes to things you’re scared of will guide you to get momentum.   Overcome fear by facing it, don't let fear guide you, let it motivate you by getting you out of your confront zone.


4.  Surround yourself with positive people 

Your inner circle will inspire, encourage and support you.  They will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.  Be careful who you surround yourself with, you don't want to be around people that are constantly depleting your energy.  Protect your energy and your mind, its easy to fall down so find people that will elevate your spirit.


5. Eliminate garbage from your life

 If you put garbage in your mind you get garbage out.

What you read gets filtered in your mind,

what you watch gets processed in your emotions. 

Be carful of what you take in as it will be polluting your mind. 

Thoughts are very important, they create clarity and drive your actions. 

What you read and listen to are very important. 


6. Writing 

 There is nothing better for your mind then to write. 

Put your emotions, thoughts and feelings on paper.

Keeping a journal helps with clarity and appreciation for the day.  Your to do list is something you would write down the night before.  It is a discipline that will develop your inner will to grow and become more passionate and dedicated to win the day.