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Energy Balancing Exercise

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Posted on 8/22/2012



We live in stressful times and many of us are on information overload, have long commutes, deadlines and bills busy schedules ect. I think you get my point STRESS and what do? We do put more stress on the body by not recycling the toxins. Its like having a trash can full and stomping on the can so you can fit more in it.  Just take out the trash you don't want flies do you? Often times this is the case we push ourselves so hard to the point of fatigue where we don’t feel good or our energy is off. Qi Gong is a type of energizing exercise  a way to recycle stress and build your energy.    

Building energy and vitality is like the fuel you put in your car. Your car can not get from point A to B without fuel. There are energetic zones in your body that are reservoirs like the gas tank in your car. This energy is effected by the way you live your life  and manage the stress of life. All body systems are energy dependent your circulatory, digestive, hormonal and musculoskeletal systems are all body systems that not only uses energy they produce it.


Energy balancing exercise is a type of exercise where you’re working inward to manage the stress and recycle the toxins out of the body and mind. This will help you connect with the nature within to slowing down the mental whirlpool and finding the stillness, its your quiet time to heal yourself in whatever is needed. Working smarter not harder is a method of increasing your energy and vitality. Where changes can be made in just minutes a day. Qi Gong exercises are about to make these anxieties of the past. 


Much of the energy produced by breathing and eating is used to run your muscles so you can move, have fun and produce more energy. Most people only associate muscle work with fatigue or loss of energy putting more stress on a stressed out body. Qi Gong exercises don't cause fatigue they energize. Producing beneficial energy to the hormonal and organ system rapidly working towards physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. This will help with improving digestion and also helping manage stress in emotional situations-both current issues or ones that may arise. This is good for anyone trying to cut down on sugar, caffeine or any other addictive substance. They help you unwind, you bring more positive energy (QI) into your body and help you recycle the negative energy out of the body instead of a work out this is a work in. Extremely beneficial with sleeping patterns if you have a hard time sleeping try a few energy building exercises just before bed it would only take about 10 minutes. Qi is intelligent, it knows when to speed up specific cells and body systems and when to slow them down. Remember that the faster you move your body the slower Qi energy moves and the slower you move the faster Qi moves. One type of energizing exercises is standing meditation. Its very simple to do and no equipment is needed you only need your body and can be performed anywhere.  The fine art of doing nothing and leaving nothing undone (stillness).