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The Blind Date to Bring Together Body and Spirit

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Posted on 8/22/2012


 Work Out For The Mind 


Warm Up: The Blind Date to bring together body and spirit


This process is to set up a blind date, in order to connect body and spirit. The body and spirit are brought together through your intention, they can be a bit stubborn and shy but, with your help they will meet.   

1) Find a place that is quiet where you can sit cross legged, sit in a chair or lay on your back or you can be standing feet shoulder with apart.

2) Your posture should be straight like a tree trunk but not tense

3) There is an area about 3 fingers below the belly button. It is the major power center in your body. It is a gas tank that stores your energy ( “Chi”)

4) Your hands cross at this area, women place right hand first, palm down then cover with left palm. Males place left palm then right . 

5) Focus and breathe from that area through your nose.

6) The breath should be deep, slow, gentle and even.  Breathe in and the belly button goes outward.  Breathe out and draw belly button inward.

7)  Place tip of tongue on roof of mouth 

8) Eyes should remain open and look at the tip of nose, with a soft gaze but not cross.

9) The body and spirit will meet at the power center.  This should take 5 to 10 mins.  (you may feel warm or relaxed etc.)  once they meet, you have done your job of setting them up.  No more work is needed they know what to do from here.

This is similar to a physical workout which includes warm up, work out, and cool down, but in this case the work out goal is stillness of the mind.  The above is a 5 to 10 min warm up preparing the mind for stillness.  


Work Out:  Quiet the Mind to  Find Stillness


10)Keep your focus on your breath at the center of your body.  At this time you can close your eyes but not all the way, leave a slip of light and keep eyes        

focused at tip of nose.

Thoughts will come let them go.  

Quiet the chatter to find the stillness let go of all 5 senes just breathe with no attachment. 

 Stay seated as long as you can, preferably 15- 45 mins. 



Cool Down: Leave Nothing Undone 


11)  Keep eyes closed and rub your hands until hot. 

Cup hands over eyes.  Open and rotate eyes in every directions.

Remove hands, firmly pat the whole body down from head all the way to the toes a few times. 

Stand up move around and enjoy the rest of your day.